The beginning of the harvest takes place punctually every year because a climate so dry provides very regular ripeness. The white variety of French origin, Chardonnay, is the earliest and its maturation begins at the end of August. The later one is usually the cabernet sauvignon variety, it´s harvest being at the end of September. During these two months a daily control of the vineyard is carried out to determine the exact moment in which each variety is to be harvested. The harvest is always done manually in boxes of 15 kilos maximum, in order to preserve the integrity of the grape. Once in boxes, the grapes are stored in a cellar where they spend a few hours in a cold room, so that the temperature at the beginning of the process is adequate.


The processing is always done in 5,000 liters containers with the grapes coming from the small plots of our vineyard. In both reds and whites, the grapes are macerated cold the first 24 hours to extract all the aromas, then the fermentation begins at controlled temperature for 10 or 12 days. The reds are pressed in a small vertical press of 500 kilos, at a very soft pressure. The second fermentation (malolactic), is produced once the wine has been decanted to barrel. The whites are pressed after the maceration hours and fermented at low temperature for 10 or 12 days. Once this natural process is completed, our “Blanc” is bottled and “Alvarez Nölting Chardonnay” is decanted into a barrel.


The ageing is done in French oak barrels of 225 liters which we number and classify by variety and vintage. For the red wines we use fine-grained and medium-roasted barrels that provide a soft tannin and balance between fruit and toast, characteristic of our wines. The white, more fruity and aromatic wines are decanted in special barrels of very fine grain and very soft roasted.

Our philosophy

The traditional elaboration is one of the differential factors of our winery. Care for the detail is also part of this philosophy that leads us to try to overcome each year. In Alvarez Nölting we elaborate our wines in an artisan way looking for the best quality and for that reason we always prepare small quantities, giving the necessary time to our wines to reach its maximum expression.