In February 2001, Juanma Álvarez Nölting, a young winemaker, proposed to his friends to create a winery to produce a unique wine. Juanma thought that joining their knowledge and experience, he could carry out his Project. But nobody came to trust his idea. A few months later Juanma passed away and it was then that the idea of ​​elaborating a wine came up with the objective of realizing his dream. We decided to name that first wine “Alvarez Nölting” as a tribute to he who one day, thought that great wines could be made in our land and that above all, was a reference to him as a person.

2004 BIRTH

In September 2004 the first 2,200 bottles of “Alvarez Nölting” 2002 were released, and were sold out in a few weeks.


At the beginning of 2006 we incorporated Syrah products.


In December 2010, the new winery was acquired in order to improve both production and quality. It was a new story for Bodegas Alvarez Nolting, as the acquired winery was a new challenge. We have been growing the vineyards year after year, the new winery has 30 years with a lot of personality and push towards quality, the new farm has 72 hectares and we have invested a lot of time and dedication both in the restoration of the farm , as in the production of wine.


We started marketing our Finca Álvarez wine.


A star product was incorporated. “The Clos of the Santa Maria”. A wine distinguished for being a quality Bobal. The same year the winery receives the recognition prize in the “London Wine Fair” with our wine Sirah 2012.