Our vineyard has 72 hectares of which 50 are of forest and 22 of vineyard, all within the natural park of Hoces del Cabriel. The vineyard has an average of 25 years of age and was converted from globet pruned to espalier 10 years ago. Depending on the variety and the plot, there is irrigation by drip or vineyard without irrigation. The yield per hectare is very low due to the low annual rainfall and the planting frame.


The temperature ranges from -10ºC in winter to 38ºC in summer. The average number of hours of annual sunshine is 2600, with a maximum of 340 hours in July and a minimum of 150 hours in December. Pluviometry is 350ml / year reaching its highest levels in autumn. The prevailing winds in summer are usually from the West and help to cool the vines.


The Cabriel River works a deep canyon on the limestone lands. The sinuosities of the layout of the channel, form a landscape of great beauty and unique in the whole of the Valencian lands, the so-called “Hoces del Cabriel”.

The family

Alvarez Nölting is a small winery founded in 2004, in which all members of our family participate from the care of the vineyard and the collection of grapes to the preparation and marketing of our wines.